Korel & Co

Customer: KOREL & Co

Location: Tiranë

Service offered by PAS + P: Business Identity, Website, Doors catalogue, car branding etc.

Period: Mars-July 2012

PAS + P Marketing successfully completed the project for creation the business identity of KOREL & Co., the largest producer of wooden doors and profiles in Albania. This project includes the idea and design of logos, doors catalogue 2012, new web site, company car branding and many other elements related. KOREL Logo was created following the specific requirements of company’s TOP management. The new logo of KOREL should be simple, with clean lines and soft tones as a reflection of company’s friendly environment. Thus it was created a business image that was powerful and impressive. Afterwards there were created all other images that will convey and promote the new KOREL’s identity to partners and customers such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.. Being a powerful tool for sales, to Catalogue of products was paid special attention, especially in selection of models and cover design. The new website of KOREL was built on the principle that each business line would appear as a separate window in the home page, easy to use by anyone. PAS + P worked simultaneously for the design as well as for content.