Project Management and work tracking is one of the services offered by PAS + P, at the moment you have selected project execution partner or supplier. Project management is a very important process for the progress of the project. This service includes continuous monitoring and management of working groups to ensure that their work is performed according to the project and customer requirements. This service is provided by the PAS + P’s Engineers, who monitor the work and follow closely the performance of working groups ensuring that this project is done according to details and required standards of quality. This process includes communicating, coordinating and managing the work groups. Selection of working groups is based on the price, quality and timing of implementation. This stage includes payment of working groups and reconciliation of quantities of materials used in the facility, making sure that customer will not have burden costs. At this stage we offer the know-how, expertise and talents of engineers, financiers and bidders of PAS + P, to ensure at the same time better quality and more competitive costs for our customers.