About Us

PAS+P Architecture & Marketing, an initiative of a talented group of architects & marketers, offers services in the field of Architecture and Marketing.

PAS + P (Peshkepia Architects Studio + Partners), is located in Tirana and operates in the Albanian market since 2006 by meeting its clients’ requirements and expectations through functional solutions in line with their spatial needs. Additionally PAS + P offers integrated marketing solutions, offline & online advertising, public relations, CSR and BTL services.

From its start, PAS+P Architecture has cooperated in various projects with local and foreign investors.

At PAS+P Agency more than clients we have business partners, who, with our assistance, have significantly improved the effectiveness of their overall communications by adding value to their business.

With the best experience and expertise in the market, PAS+P Architecture offers perfect solutions in the field of architecture and project management. The project execution is supported by innovative methods and materials, thus creating long lasting functional designs. PAS+P is responsible and undertakes all project phases starting from client relations, interior and exterior concept design, construction document procedures, and on site work administration. The professional team of PAS+P Architecture, distinguishes for its offered service through which PAS+P offers its clients and partners a package of solutions and a guaranty for lasting success.

With the pecialized services that PAS + P Marketing provides, helps businesses to be easily distinguished from competitors and more noticed and easily remembered by customers or consumers. By being a small and dynamic agency, we have the advantage of immediate response to our customer’s constantly changing demands.

Our work is supported by three pillars:

Quality, Time and Budget

We believe in creativity and in ‘’big’’ ideas, but most importantly, we believe in relevance and implementation of these ideas in the Albanian market.

Our staff, with its international experience, excels in offering the best solutions, the implementable ideas and the achievable results.